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A Whimsical World of Gingerbread

The aroma of warm gingerbread and icing filled the air at The Literacy & Learning Center on December 15th as staff prepared for the Gingerbread Decorating Extravaganza.

The morning began with a captivating story, The Gingerbread Man by Jim Alesworth and illustrated by Barbara McClintock, that set the stage for the toddlers and their caregivers. With imaginations ignited, it was time to unleash the inner artists. Trays laden with freshly baked gingerbread cookies, plentiful icing, and an assortment of sprinkles and candies awaited.

Tiny fingers dipped spoons into the sweet, sticky frosting, carefully coating the gingerbread men and, in some cases, going straight into mouths. Gumdrops, M&Ms, sprinkles, raisins, Red Hots, and colored icing transformed into playful eyes, buttons, and colorful coats on gingerbread snowmen. Laughter filled the room as children, guided by their eager caregivers, who seemed to have as much fun as the young ones, learned through play with their edible canvases.

The Gingerbread Extravaganza wasn't just about creating sugary masterpieces but about learning, connection, and community. Parents and grandparents watched in joy as their little ones transformed cookies into fantastical creations. New faces mingled with familiar ones, and the learning center hummed as families bonded over a sweet, shared experience.

For many, this was their first encounter with TL&LC, a welcoming space that fosters a love of learning. The event was a testament to the center's commitment to enriching lives through playful, engaging experiences.

For those who missed the fun, stay tuned! The Literacy & Learning Center has even more educational adventures in store for toddlers and their caregivers in 2024. The magic of learning and community is just around the corner! To learn more about our programs, contact Caroline Cox at or 828-526-0863.



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