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Addressing Community Need with a New Pre-K in Highlands

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The Literacy & Learning Center is pleased to announce the opening of its North Carolina certified pre-K program in Highlands. Responding to the growing demand for additional early childhood education in the community, this initiative aims to bridge the gap and provide a nurturing and comprehensive learning environment for children in need of pre-K education.

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TL&LC’s pre-K program in Highlands addresses a crucial need in the community. With an increasing number of families seeking pre-K education for their children (approximately 70 children are currently on the wait list for currently existing programs), the planned opening comes as a timely response to ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop foundational skills and thrive academically.

"We are delighted to introduce the NC-certified pre-K program at The Literacy & Learning Center in Highlands," said Bonnie Potts, the center's Executive Director. "We recognize the pressing need for early childhood education in our community, and our goal is to provide a supportive and enriching environment that prepares children for future success."

The pre-K program at TL&LC in Highlands will offer a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with the rigorous standards set by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Through a play-based and child-centered approach, young learners will engage in activities that enhance their language and literacy skills, develop mathematical and scientific thinking, nurture social-emotional well-being, and promote physical growth.

The Literacy & Learning Center is committed to ensuring that every child receives individualized attention and support. Highly qualified and dedicated educators will guide students through their learning journeys, fostering a love for learning and creating a strong foundation for future academic achievements.

The center's state-of-the-art facility has been purposefully designed to create a safe and stimulating learning environment. Classrooms will be equipped with age-appropriate resources, technology, and materials that encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. TL&LC is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive space that fosters the holistic development of each child.

The Literacy & Learning Center recognizes the importance of community involvement in promoting educational excellence. The center will actively seek partnerships with parents, caregivers, and local organizations to build a strong support network and ensure the success of every child enrolled in this exciting new pre-K program.

For more information about The Literacy & Learning Center's NC-certified pre-K program, please visit or contact Caroline Cox at or 828-526-0863.



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