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End-of-Year Honors: Highlighting TL&LC's Shining Stars

TL&LC Salutes Volunteer of the Year: Vickie Betts!

With the end of the 2023-24 school year, TL&LC would like to celebrate excellence and share the pride of outstanding individuals. 

We are thrilled to announce Vickie Betts as our Volunteer of the Year! With her dedication and boundless energy, Vickie embodies the spirit of volunteerism. Her leadership and expertise are invaluable to the Center. She shares her valuable skills by tutoring math to after-school students. A champion for student success, she has even taken the initiative to start programs like an end-of-year math exam prep class for Highlands School students.

Her impact extends far beyond her own efforts. She actively recruited volunteers from her connections at Wildcat Cliffs, significantly bolstering TL&LC's volunteer base and further building a support network for TL&LC's students. And her commitment doesn't stop there. She serves on the board of directors, actively participates in the events committee, and chairs the upcoming fundraiser, Swingin' Soiree, to be held Sunday, June 2, at The Farm by Old Edwards (tickets can be purchased at

Vickie perfectly captures the essence of volunteering by saying, "I thrive on helping students conquer past hurdles and build confidence through learning new skills." Her constant smile as she helps others speaks volumes about her joy in giving back. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and staff and students are incredibly grateful for her passion and energy.

TL&LC Celebrates Students of the Year

— Shining a Light on Jamie!

Please join TL&LC in celebrating Jamie, a remarkable 3rd grader who exemplifies dedication, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Jamie's journey at TL&LC has been one of incredible progress. Through hard work and unwavering determination, Jamie has overcome challenges and consistently demonstrated a willingness to learn. Beyond academics, Jamie brings a bright light to the classroom. Her positive attitude is infectious, uplifting classmates and teachers alike. 

— Shining a Light on Cristobal

Cristobal embodies kindness and compassion, always looking out for his classmates. He volunteers to help clean and complete classroom tasks, making things easier for everyone. Cristobal also has a big heart and reaches out to those who might feel left out, ensuring all after-school students feel included.

TL&LC is proud to recognize Jamie and Cristo

bal for their outstanding contributions to the after-school community.  Staff and volunteers celebrate their achievements and look forward to their continued growth and success, knowing they will continue to be shining examples for their peers.


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