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Volunteer Highlight: Ricky Siegel

Periodically since the early 2000s, Ricky Siegel has been volunteering at The Literacy & Learning Center, sharing his math skills with students of all ages who need a little extra one-on-one instruction.

Ricky has participated in TL&LC’s Individual Tutoring program, working predominantly with Highlands School K-12 students during after-school. He has also helped during the summer, which is available to any student seeking to prevent the “summer slide,” or to use the time to catch up or boost skills. His generosity has even extended to working with an adult studying for a nursing exam. This was years ago before adult tutoring was part of TL&LC’s programs, so something Ricky did of his own accord. He said that being a tutor was not a particular goal, but that he saw it as a way he could help. “I'm very glad for what I have been able to give to the community and the kids, and the satisfaction of seeing the students progress!”

Currently, Ricky tutors a 5th grader in The Literacy & Learning Center's after-school program named Jesus. The pair, initially matched during the Covid-19 restrictions, first met virtually. Ricky immediately saw that in-person interaction would help them get to know each other better, so came to the facility and worked with Jesus outside. Gradually, a bond began to form. Also a generous supporter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Ricky asked if Jesus might be interested in the program. Jesus and his family were excited by the opportunity, signed him up, and he and Ricky were matched as Big and Little Brothers. It has been wonderfully rewarding for TL&LC staff to see the Individual Tutoring program support participants not only through the prescribed objectives of teaching and learning, but further through the formation and growth of deeper relationships.

“With Jesus, I am seeing a change in that when we first started, he didn’t like math even though I think he is pretty good at it. But by saying–and actually meaning–that I love numbers and working on math problems, and by showing how math is part of everyday life, he is seeing a practicality to the study.”

If you or someone you know is interested in tutoring opportunities, please contact us at (828) 526-0863 or email Caroline Cox at


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