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The mission of The Literacy & Learning Center is to enrich lives and expand the knowledge of children, adults, and families through diverse educational programs that advance literacy in its many forms and to promote lifelong learning, which results in an informed and empowered community.

Bonnie Signature.png

Bonnie Potts, Executive Director

(828) 526 - 0863 ext. 200

Our Staff

Anna Norton
Jenni Edwards

Marketing Manager

(828) 526 - 0863 ext. 201

Development Officer

(828) 526 - 0863 ext. 202

caroline cox2.jpg
Caroline Cox

Programs Manager

(828) 526 - 0863 ext. 203

Board of Directors

Kirk Dornbush, Board Chair

Robin Canady, Treasurer

Vickie Betts

Mark Chmar

John Golwen

Sarah Holbrooks

Bill Lathem

Bob Lennon

Lisa Richards

Dawn Van Fleet

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