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Tinker Time for Tots: Patterns for Preschoolers

The Literacy & Learning Center's upcoming Tinker Time for Tots will focus on patterns. Get ready for a fun-filled morning where little ones will discover the magic of repetition and sequencing.

Patterns aren't just pretty; they're powerful tools for early learning. By copying and extending patterns, children develop essential skills like:

  • Sequencing: Understanding how things come in order.

  • Prediction: Learning to guess what comes next.

  • Problem-solving: Figuring out how to complete a pattern.

  • Math skills: Building the foundation for algebra and logic.

  • Reasoning: Making connections and drawing conclusions.

  • Spatial thinking: Understanding how objects relate to each other in space.

As is customary with Tinker Time for Tots, Carolyn Middlebrooks will lead young students through various activities related to this month's topic. After starting the morning with a pattern-inspired story, they will put their minds and hands to work with popsicle sticks. They will explore the pattern possibilities with different colored sticks, encouraging creativity and color recognition. Empty ice cube trays will be transformed into playful canvasses for edible patterns made with various snacks. The final approach will use colored clothespins and colored cards. Children will match like-colored pins and cards, building fine motor skills and furthering pattern recognition skills.

Join us for a morning of discovery and set your child on the path to becoming a pattern pro! For more information, visit us at or contact Carolyn Middlebrooks at or 828-526-0863.


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