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Vickie Betts: Volunteer Extraordinaire and a Passionate Advocate for Education

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Vickie Betts, both a board member and dedicated volunteer tutor at The Literacy & Learning Center, possesses a deep passion for education and takes great joy in assisting students in reaching their fullest potential.

One adult volunteer and four Highlands High School students learning math

Vickie first joined The Literacy & Learning Center’s team in 2020 after she retired and moved to Highlands full-time. Looking for ways to get involved in the community and to help children, she was immediately drawn to TLLC's mission of enriching lives and expanding the knowledge of children, adults, and families through diverse educational programs that advance literacy and promote lifelong learning.

Her experience has allowed her to tutor children of all ages. She especially enjoys helping middle school students with math, even starting a summer math camp at the Center. She holds the belief that mathematics serves as a foundation for many life skills and allows children to grow their inquisitive natures. Vickie has many fond memories of her time so far at The Literacy & Learning Center with her students now thriving in school. One of her most rewarding experiences was when a student she tutored for a year was rated "college prepared" on his end-of-grade test. Witnessing this achievement was incredibly rewarding for her, as they had spent many hours together working towards this success.

In addition to the after-school and tutoring programs, Vickie is also excited about TLLC's new pre-K program. She believes every child deserves a good start in life, beginning with early childhood education. She added, "Pre-K is essential for children's development, and I am so glad that TLLC can offer this program.”

Vickie is an invaluable resource, benefiting her students, TLLC’s board of directors, and other TLLC volunteers as well. The Center’s tutoring program relies greatly on the support of community members willing to share their time, knowledge, and compassion. Tutoring offers a fulfilling experience for everyone involved as it allows children to grasp their curriculum and tutors the opportunity to share in their excitement as they make progress. To learn more about becoming a tutor or volunteer, please contact Caroline Cox at or 828-526-0863 or visit



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