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Volunteer Highlight: Marianne Lassiter

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Feel free to choose your own adventure if you’re looking for opportunities to contribute to the mission at The Literacy & Learning Center!

A volunteer  from The Literacy & Learning Center standing beside her donated artwork in the facility

Marianne Lassiter contacted Executive Director Bonnie Potts to propose her own project for TL&LC, which she identified as a need close to her heart. When visiting the learning center, which, as many in Highlands know, had formerly been the post office, Marianne noticed two concrete pillars near the water fountains in the back of the facility. They had initially been erected to protect the fountains from accidental harm while transporting letters and packages. They looked conspicuous and often perplexed visitors as to their purpose.

An avid painter, Marianne felt called to help the posts blend into the space. Because the learning center’s primary occupants are young students, she chose to paint each pillar in the likeness of a child. Marianne had learned that the physical characteristic of large eyes, considered cute by most people, has been found to trigger feelings of empathy and connection. So, with her brush and palette, she transformed the imposing immovable structures into smiling, friendly program members.

TL&LC extends many thanks to Marianne Lassiter for her creativity and motivation to look beyond the bounds of the usual offerings for TL&LC volunteers. If you find inspiration in her good work and are eager to propose a project, please get in touch with volunteer coordinator and Programs Manager Caroline Cox at or 828-525-0863.


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