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Academic Adventures at TL&LC

The June summer camp at the Literacy & Learning Center has been an absolute blast! On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 - 4 pm, Academic Adventures was filled with exciting activities that kept the students happily engaged. They had a fantastic time with numerous STEAM projects, such as constructing dream treehouses, catapults, rafts, rockets, bird feeders, and even delving into saltwater experiments to deepen their understanding of ocean life and its inhabitants. The camp's creative side also shone through, with the students crafting sun prints, spin art, shadow art, rain art, and creating unique gifts for Father's Day and Fourth of July celebrations!

One of the most memorable adventures was the nature scavenger hunt along the Highlands Plateau Greenway. The students relished the opportunity to identify native plants, observe various bird species, and gather leaves for captivating leaf-rubbing art. The camp fostered a spirit of exploration and experimentation, encouraging the students to collaborate and learn from their peers.

Camp leader Allisha Mason shared, "Spending time with the students has been an absolute delight, and the camp month seemed to pass by in a flash. TL&LC proved to be a wonderful place, allowing students to both learn and have fun! Working there for the June Summer Camp was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, leaving me eagerly anticipating my next exciting adventure with them."

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