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Svitlana Klymenko: A Beacon of Perseverance in the ESL Program

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The Literacy & Learning Center is proud to highlight Svitlana Klymenko, a remarkable student in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Svitlana exemplifies the spirit of TL&LC through her unwavering dedication to learning and her positive impact on the program.

Two students from The Literacy & Learning Center's ESL program working on English language lessons

Svitlana's journey in the US began last December, marking a new chapter in her life. Driven to escape the war in Ukraine and build a better future for her family — husband, Iurii, and their two girls, Vlada and Arina — Svitlana arrived in America with a determined heart but limited English skills. Despite facing this challenge, she has embraced the opportunity to learn with admirable enthusiasm and dedication.

Since joining the ESL program, Svitlana has exhibited exceptional commitment and unwavering motivation. With near-perfect attendance throughout 2023 and an insatiable hunger for knowledge, she consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond. Her dedication extends beyond the classroom, as she readily volunteers her time and supports her fellow students.

While her passion for learning shines through, Svitlana's journey hasn't been without obstacles. As a lawyer in Ukraine, Svitlana has had to adapt to a new life abroad. Adjusting to a different culture, navigating the complexities of a new language, and worrying about the safety of loved ones in Ukraine present constant challenges. Yet, she faces these difficulties with remarkable strength and resilience.

Despite the challenges, Svitlana remains undeterred in her pursuit of fluency. She readily acknowledges the difficulties of learning English, particularly the nuances of vowel sounds and diphthongs unfamiliar to her native tongue. However, she approaches these challenges with determination and a keen desire to overcome them.

Svitlana's dedication to learning and her positive attitude serve as an inspiration to all. She embodies the transformative power of education and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. TL&LC is incredibly proud to have Svitlana as a part of our community, and we celebrate her remarkable achievements in the ESL program.

TL&LC’s English as a Second Language classes meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at the First Presbyterian Church. Classes are free, child-friendly, and no registration is required. To learn more about ESL, please contact Caroline Cox at or 828-526-0863 or simply drop in for a class.



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