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Tinker Time for Tots

Updated: Feb 6

The Literacy & Learning Center is excited to provide engaging workshops tailored for preschoolers and their parents in the upcoming year. Organized and led by Carolyn Middlebrooks, Pre-K Director, the aim is to empower parents by demonstrating inventive ways to utilize everyday household items for their children's educational benefit. These sessions will showcase practical activities that parents can seamlessly incorporate into their daily routines, fostering a rich learning environment at home.

Moreover, a vital component of these workshops involves hands-on, make-and-take activities. During these interactive sessions, children can create something meaningful, which they can then take home and use as a tool for ongoing learning. These creative endeavors are designed to be enjoyable and reinforce essential skills crucial for early development.

The workshop curriculum is diverse, encompassing activities designed to enhance motor skills, instill fundamental concepts, and prepare young learners for the academic challenges they will encounter as they transition into school. The series began with workshops on fine motor skills in January. Join us for the next session!

Color Adventures

Friday, February 16

10 am

  •  Colorful Storytime: Dive into the magical world of storytelling, where tales come alive with the help of colorful props and household items. This session enhances language development and fosters a love for literature.

  • Color Hunt: Children will embark on an exciting color scavenger hunt, searching for household items that match specific colors. This activity encourages observational skills and color recognition.

  • Sorting Spectacle: Get ready for a sorting extravaganza! Little learners will engage in hands-on sorting activities, using household items to categorize and organize objects by their colors. This activity promotes cognitive development and fine motor skills.

TL&LC looks forward to connecting with area toddlers and their caretakers as this series continues leading up to the new pre-K program. No registration is required; as with all TL&LC programs, participation is free. Please check for upcoming events at or contact Carolyn Middlebrooks at CMiddlebrooks@ TheLiteracyandLearningCenter or 828-526-0863.



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