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TL&LC is Now Accepting Pre-K Pre-Enrollment Applications!

Updated: 6 days ago

The much-awaited application period for pre-enrollment in The Literacy & Learning Center's new Pre-K program is finally here! 


TL&LC is pleased to offer a nurturing and comprehensive learning environment for children needing pre-K education. Through a play-based and child-centered approach, young learners will engage in activities that enhance their language and literacy skills, develop mathematical and scientific thinking, nurture social-emotional well-being, and promote physical growth. 


Carolyn Middlebrooks, Pre-K Director, shares her excitement about meeting her new students. "I am thrilled to be moving toward putting all of our planning into action to help meet the community's needs. I can't wait to meet our newest and youngest students, to learn all about them, and to jump into the program!" 


The Literacy & Learning Center ensures that every child receives individualized attention and support. Highly qualified and dedicated educators will guide students through their learning journeys, fostering a love for learning and creating a solid foundation for future academic achievements.


The center's state-of-the-art facility has been intentionally designed to create a safe and stimulating learning environment. Classrooms have age-appropriate resources, technology, and materials that encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. TL&LC is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive space that fosters each child's holistic development.


General requirements for application and enrollment include:

1.         Must be age four by September 1

2.         Must be toilet trained

3.         Immunized with proof

4.         Parent/guardian and child must attend a play-based assessment at TL&LC (days/times TBD)

5.         Parent/guardian must attend at least one short parenting workshop at TL&LC (days/times TBD)

6.         Parent/guardian must agree to TL&LC policies

7.         Parent/guardian agrees to read to child at least 15 minutes per day

8.         Students must bring their lunch and snacks each day

9.         Must provide proof of income


To apply, visit It will be necessary to create a free account. Application does not guarantee enrollment. Guardians will be notified of acceptance at a later date (TBD). TL&LC plans to begin the program in the fall of 2024. Licensing is pending, so exact dates will follow. Meanwhile, the staff looks forward to paving the way with the application process. For more information about The Literacy & Learning Center's pre-K program, please visit or contact Caroline Cox at, Carolyn Middlebrooks at or 828-526-0863.



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